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5 out of 5 stars

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Totally love flf! I am just a week on the program and the result is very visible! Not only did i lose weight, i feel healthier too! The best thing about it is everybody around me is noticing my weight lost as well! 10 stars! Read more


I’m very glad I found FLF! I have several food allergies to wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, walnuts, just to name a few. So I was totally THRILLED when I discovered FLF and Dr. Charles! Their products are high quality and don’t contain any of the ingredients that I am allergic too. The added side benefit is, I can lose all the fat that I don’t need. I’ve already lost several pounds and I know that I will never see them again with the support of FLF and Dr. Charles… Read more

“Really Enjoyable!”

It’s only been one week since I started the program & have have already lost 5 pounds. I had tried everything, from exhausting exercises to strict dieting. Nothing seemed to work. I am extremely satisfied with the results I’m getting do soon. I recommend this program to all those who are tired of achieving little to, no results. This program really works… Read more



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